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by at 17 February 2012

It’s been a few months since I started comicly and I am pleased to say that it is slowly taking off. The main goal is to make comicly a central hub for comic book news 

To date there are nearly 30 unique contributors in my comic news feed and growing each day. What makes this site unique is the fact that anytime a new post is created, it is automatically posted on comicly with the original link pointing back to the source.

I am also offering the Featured Headline section for FREE! Yes that’s right – This is typically a paid feature but I want to thank all my contributors and any new potential contributors.

If you have a comic blog, podcast, website, etc and want to advertise your site for FREE, make sure to shoot me an email – and add your blog to the feed using this link:

Remember to Like our facebook page: and follow us @Comicly


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