Not Your Average Comic Directory

by at 13 December 2011

There are a number of different comic directory sites – and what does comicly do that’s different?

Comicly is one of the first (if not the first) comic directory that displays the latest comic news from across the web! It is a central hub for all your comic news!

Currently, we have many great streams of information – Comicly now has the latest news from ALL of your favorite Comic sites such as DC, Marvel, IDW and news from some of the best comic sites available today – Newsarama, Comic Vine, and Robot 6

Instead of spending your time going to each one of these sites, why not go to comicly, get the latest news, and then read an article that sparks your interest!

If you have comic website, blog, podcast, webcomic, etc and want to be included in the feed, please head on over to my SUBMIT page and fill out the form. Also make sure to follow @Comicly


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