Love Comic Book News? Then Love Comicly

by at 03 April 2012

Most comic book readers want their news quickly – why? so they can spend more time reading comics! Thats why!

There are thousands of different comic sites today but there is nothing to unite the 2!

Well that has all changed with Comicly – Comicly is the first website that actually displays the latest comic news from across the web!

I started the site in late 2011 with the intention of making this a central hub for all comic fans. Slowly but surely the site is gaining interest with comic fans.

We initially started with a few blogs but now we are close to reaching 50 unique blogs – each with their own style of writing – that proudly display the comicly logo!

It doesn’t matter if your comic related website is new or if your site gets thousands of hits a day – Comicly loves everyone!

So if you are looking for a new way to showcase your blog, then by all means come and join our family – You will NOT regret it.

There is no other place on the web that showcases the latest comic news all in one easy to view place :)

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